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Optimal fit for endoprostheses

If joint pain is not relieved by medication or external measures, the patient is usually faced with the question of undergoing surgery. In this scenario, the patient can choose to go to a clinic or be treated by an outpatient or inpatient orthopedic surgeon in private practice. The latter can operate on an outpatient and inpatient basis. In addition to the use of state-of-the-art technology, the advantage of specialized clinics is often the continuous personal care provided before, during, and after surgery.


Digital surgery planning for maximum reliability

In orthopedic surgery, the surgeon must place the artificial joint that best corresponds to the anatomy. To achieve this, the surgical staff in Königstein rely on innovative, state-of-the-art technology. Christian Stolz, MD says: "We plan corrective surgeries and endoprostheses on the computer and work through them step by step with the patient - in the same way as when you furnish a house or plan a new kitchen." This can be achieved by using a modern software solution called mediCAD, that reads the X-ray images.


Dr. Patrick Heinzelmann (left) and Dr. Christian Stolz (right), encourage patients to ask for accurate planning before surgery. Digital planning solutions like mediCAD improve the communication between physicians and patients. HumanMedicum, a specialist center for orthopedic surgery located in Königstein/Taunus nearby Frankfurt, is this kind of orthopedic/surgical clinic that guarantees perfect care in all areas of orthopedics and surgery


The physician and patient can see exactly the painful or damaged joint and its surroundings on the screen. mediCAD then uses more than 500,000 different endoprostheses in the planning and finds the optimal implant. This eliminates the time-consuming testing of various implants with different sizes during the actual surgery. Digital planning reliably provides the ideal solution. " We use mediCAD to show the patient before the surgery takes place in detail what we are doing and why we are doing it. This helps patients feel secure and builds trust," explains Patrick Heinzelmann, MD.


Digital surgery planning assists the surgeon

mediCAD provides the physician with support in the form of many functions. Among them is the mirroring of the sound side of the body onto the diseased side. This is particularly important for hip, knee, and shoulder surgeries so that the identical anatomy can be restored on the surgical side compared to the healthy side. It also guarantees that the X-ray image and the implant are an exact match. Therefore, the physicians in Königstein advise all patients to ask for the planning before the surgery takes place and to ask for an explanation regarding the planned steps of the surgery.

Not every clinic or orthopedic office offers digital planning and consequently, a detailed discussion with the patient is missing. However, exact planning is very important for patients and their right to get optimal care and information cannot be questioned. “We have intentionally chosen the safety and transparency of the mediCAD system at this stage to be able to conduct the educational communication with our patients and provide them with the best possible treatment," explained the medical specialists at the surgery clinic.

operationsplanung 1

The optimal position of the femoral and tibial components can be found

operationsplanung 2

3D-view of the implant

operationsplanung 3

3D templating of THA on a dysplastic hip

operationsplanung 4

Preoperative planning of the inverse shoulder


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