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Highlights mediCAD Classic 7.0

Highlights of mediCAD 7.0

In times of technological change mediCAD offers increased comfort when planning and templating. The new 7.0 version includes many new measurements, new modules as well as new technological benchmarks. At the same time mediCAD guarantees an intuitive handling of the software and offers new options to satisfy your expectations.

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World of mediCAD (WOM)

The new WOM gives the user an overview of all available 2D and 3D modules. The user-friendly platform shows exactly which modules are currently available for the current license.

By selecting a submodule in the WOM, like the Hip module FAI, the user can start a plan right away.

Create your own workflow

Creating your own individual workflow for your templating and planning experience has never been easier. With the new wizard function customers who are using the Hip, Knee and Osteotomy modules for the 7.0 are able to create their own workflows with their specific preferences and patient-oriented demands. This way, the software speeds up the planning procedure by focusing on the preferred measurements and functions.

Additional Knee Functionalities

mediCAD 7.0 offers special additions for Knee experts to expand on the already existing options for knee endoprosthesis templating. The new Tibial slope Dejour measurement and anterior closing wedge osteotomy function can help to avoid future ligament damage by putting relief on the ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament).

The new part-knee module will make it possible to simulate and template a knee arthroplasty with only a partial knee image. The option to use long leg images will persist of course.

Saving time through automatization

mediCAD's goal is it to deliver high quality measurement values as quick as possible. This is achieved with the help of our new automatization process which will automatically detect all relevant landmarks, and which will calculate all important values. Another new feature is the automatic measurement of the size of the wedge when doing an osteotomy. In addition to that, it is now possible to template ML hip images with the hip autoplan.

Additional Software Modules

The mediCAD 7.0 upgrade includes a free version of the 3D Hip module. Depending on the complexity of a case, it is easy to switch between 2D and 3D. To foster discussion and communication with your peers, mediCAD also introduces our new chatMED messenger. The encrypted and highly secure messenger offers instant communication including sending dicom images via a PACS integration, making communication in the medical environment more comfortable than ever.

With the Radiology module it is now possible to make all common radiology measurements. The easy-to-use mediCAD workflow allows for complex radiology measurements in short amount of time. The plan report created by mediCAD leads to a revolution in communication between radiology and orthopedics.

Modern Server Technology

The new 7.0 version includes a completely new server backend that provides cutting edge technology for future software versions. A special trait of mediCAD is the template database with over 128 manufactures which will transition to an SQL environment.

To ease up your daily clinic routine, mediCAD 7.0 offers these features and much more. For more information or questions, please contact the mediCAD team with the following info: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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