Company Information

flagge11In 1994, mediCAD HECTEC GmbH began developing a solution that gives orthopedic surgeons digital tools for efficient and safe planning of joint operations.

In 1999, mediCAD HECTEC GmbH became the first company in the world to provide a software program that allows for fully digitized pre-operative planning of a joint replacement with just a few inputs. With the aid of automatic calculations and special algorithms, doctors can save up to 85% of the time required for conventional planning.

With mediCAD, HECTEC is setting an innovative milestone in the history of surgical orthopedics. With automatic archiving of critical information and complete traceability of findings and follow-ups, mediCAD provides the best possible framework for monitoring and documenting an operation.

Through close collaboration with leading medical technology companies and successful use of mediCAD in clinics around the world, mediCAD HECTEC GmbH is now a global player in the medical software market.