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mediCAD 3D Hand

Available in 2021

Your powerful tool for hand surgery

Our software product mediCAD® 3D Hand opens up completely new possibilities for hand surgery for measurements on the hand and the planning of endoprostheses. With the help of X-rays, CTs, MRTs and DVTs, you can carry out very precise preoperative planning and surgical preparations. mediCAD® 3D Hand offers a modern, intuitive user interface that leads directly to the goal, as well as the familiar, comfortable connection to the existing PAC system of your clinic. mediCAD® 3D Hand was developed in close cooperation with specialists in the field of hand surgery and is constantly being improved.

mediCAD 3D Hand

The most important advantages and performance features:

  • Anatomical 3D and 2D viewing
  • Planning on X-ray, CT low dose, MRT and DVT images
  • Interactive help with planning
  • Glass view for better visibility of the planned situation
  • Visualization of the contact between implant and bone
  • Wrist and finger joint measurements
  • Automatic digital documentation of preoperative planning (OP report)
  • Import and export to or from any PAC system


Hand implants

Thanks to the convenient options provided by mediCAD® 3D Hand the individual implant components can be assembled with the help of the implant con-figurator and placed into the 3D model (the patient‘s CT images). Moreover, the implants can be adjusted, rotated, moved or changed to another implant type either as a group or as individual objects.

mediCAD hand implantate

• Hand implant selection and adjustment
• Detailed implant visualization with 3D shapes
• Save selected implants as favorites
• Continuously growing database of manufacturers/implants


View and visualization

Transparent view and implant-bone contact visualization

The transparent view enhances your ability to observe the implants in their respective positions. It is often necessary to visually determine the condition of the bone at the planned implant position. This can be done with the Hounsfield units of the bone. Both high and low density values can be observed at the planned implant site. High or lower primary stability can therefore be assumed when the implants are inserted. The distance visualization of the Hounsfield units can be used to create concepts for preoperative planning, allowing you to determine the correct preparation technique and the subsequent prosthetic solution.

visualisierung mediCAD 3D hand

In addition to its pioneering functions for joint preservation and joint replacement, mediCAD® 3D Hand is proven to simplify the daily hospital routine of planning and dimensioning orthopedic hand procedures thanks to its many other additional functions

mediCAD hand visualisation


Interactive help & planning report

Interactive help and tutorial videos are available throughout the planning process, providing you with a schematic representation and a list of all the required steps. In addition, easy to unders-tand informational texts and images are used to highlight the respective areas and functions in the application. This means you always have all the information you need in view, making your work easier and faster.

Planning report:
mediCAD® not only provides a convenient PACS connection and audit-compliant storage for your planning work, but also lets you save or print your work as a report.

mediCAD hand planungsreport

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