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Greater certainty with dig. pre-op planning

The full report can be downloaded here as PDF file ... here download

During the last five years the doctors at Gross-Gerau have learned the value of having a fast way to gain an overview of suitable implants through digital planning, particularly with respect to implant size and resection heights. During corrective procedures, the congruence between digitally planned implant sizes and resection heights is approximately 90%. During primary implants, congruence of nearly 100% is commonplace. For hip prosthetics, in particular, digital planning allows for precise estimation of the shaft circumference. Ali Noufal, acting Chief Doctor, explains: "With this software I can perform precise estimations of how much I can rasp without the risk of splitting the shaft. Digital planning gives me much greater peace of mind than the old method of radiographs and templates."

Significant time savings

The ability to save time is another benefit of digital planning. It delivers much more precise results in much less time. According to the experiences of the hospital, a practiced surgeon needs only about two minutes to plan a hip or about five minutes for a knee. But even less experienced surgeons require no more than ten minutes with digital planning. And this includes the accurate documentation that the program generates automatically. Documentation is legally mandated, but cannot always be produced in the required scope and with the necessary accuracy when conventional planning is used. When standard implants are used, time savings are even greater. By comparison, conventional planning takes fifteen to thirty minutes.

For Dr. Noufal, mediCAD® has become indispensable for his daily work:
"I also operate in other countries where there's no access to digital planning. That's when I really realize what a benefit it is for the surgeon and how much it improves quality for the patient."

Digital pre-op planning with Hectec mediCAD®

Kreisklinik Gross-Gerau is a regional hospital located southwest of Frankfurt, Germany. It has been using the mediCAD® planning program for pre-op planning since 2010. mediCAD® was developed by Hectec GmbH, a Landshut, Germany-based software company that specializes in this field. Version 3.5 was released in 2015. Release of version 4.0 is anticipated in early 2016. The program covers the entire pre-operative planning process for extremities and the spinal column. Special features of mediCAD® include bilateral deformity corrections according to Dror Paley, automated corrective osteotomies near the hip joint, intertrochanteric osteotomies for planning operative extensions of the femoral head into the joint socket on patients with hip joint dysplasia, direct transfer of all planning data to EndoDok, and automatic detection of the calibration sphere, saving the surgeon the need to scale the image.

The Kreisklinik Gross-Gerau

As a certified trauma center, the Department for Orthopedic and Trauma Surgery has a large outpatient center with a shock room for providing emergency treatment of severely injured patients. New operating rooms with clean room technology and cutting-edge equipment are available for operating on joints.

For the past five years, the department has used mediCAD® during pre-operative planning of primary and corrective prosthetics for hip and knee operations. Before then, they relied on radiographs and templates for planning purposes. Even attending doctors from the surrounding areas plan digitally. Every year approximately 300 hip and knee operations are planned in this way, about 10% of which are corrective procedures.

The full report can be downloaded here as PDF file ... here download

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