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Paracelsus Hospitals use digital planning from hectec

(Landshut) Paracelsus Hospitals have been using the mediCAD Classic planning program since early 2014. Digital planning optimizes treatment quality, in particular, and is a major foundation for certification. hectec GmbH developed the program specifically for orthopedic surgeons and hospitals.

Ten Paracelsus hospitals in Germany have been using the mediCAD endoprosthetics planning software from Hectec GmbH in their orthopedic departments since early 2014.

They made their decision after comparing the software to other planning programs already in use at their hospitals. In addition to multiple interfaces to PACS and EndoDok, the solution's practical design and the continuously updated database of implants (free with maintenance contract) were decisive factors in their choice.

The hospitals perform both primary as well as revision prosthetics of the upper and lower extremities. mediCAD is a CAD-based software package that allows surgeons to overlay implants and associated components onto radiology images. It is based on a database of implants that contains items from 90 manufacturers. As a result, a suitable cup and shaft combination can be efficiently planned on the screen in preparation for a hip operation. It is also ideal for revision interventions. In particular with knee prosthetics, pre-op planning references the entire mechanical axis and is highly precise.

Schuster, Director of IT at Paracelsus:
„With mediCAD, we have an instrument that helps us further improve the quality of our planning as well as elevate treatment quality as the foundation for certification. For the doctor and the patient, digital planning has numerous benefits. For example, planning is more precise, prostheses fit with greater accuracy, and the operation is concluded faster as a result.“

This reduces stress on the patient. The surgeon also generates the full documentation simultaneously with the planning. This saves even more time In addition to faster planning. Paracelsus estimates that they save approximately one-half hour with each planning.

hectec GmbH has been continuously developing its "mediCAD Classic" planning solution since 1994. This digital solution integrates all planning methods and documents processes for legal security. "mediCAD Classic" is distributed exclusively through authorized partners. As of early 2014, hectec GmbH collaborates with 80 sales partners around the world. Approximately 2,700 hospitals currently use the solution.

With approximately 40 facilities at 22 locations, Paracelsus-Kliniken Deutschland GmbH & Co KGaA is a large private hospital operator in Germany. Throughout the country, approximately 5000 employees treat more than 100,000 in-patients each year. The company's headquarters and administration are in Osnabrück in northwestern Germany. Paracelsus hospitals are second-generation owner-operated. The current owner is a doctor. Paracelsus Hospitals are not publicly traded and are therefore not beholden to shareholders in the classic sense.

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