The benefits of digital pre-op planning in endoprosthetics

Krankenhaus Nordwest in Frankfurt uses mediCAD®

Kran­ken­haus Nordwest is a modern clinic serving a large city and serves as a teaching hospital associated with Goethe University Frankfurt. The clinic for orthopedics, trauma, and spinal surgery is one of these ten clinics. Doctors at the clinic perform both elective endoprosthetic procedures to the hips, knees, shoulders and elbows as well as all modern osteosynthetic procedures to bones, the joints, the pelvis, and the spinal column.

The full report can be downloaded here as PDF file... here download

Step-by-step switch to pre-op planning
The PC-based digital planning of hip operations is steadily replacing conventional planning with paper and templates. "New doctors, in particular, are a big fan of digital planning," according to Chief Doctor Ute Degelmann. By planning operations on a computer, they gain a better understanding of the procedure they will perform. According to Dr Degelmann, "Those of us with decades of experience doing endoprosthetics can look at the radiograph and see immediately what's going on. For younger doctors, digital planning is a great way to learn and practise." The flexible structure of the program is ideal. The sequence of planning steps is not rigidly defined. Instead, the surgeon selects where he or she requires support.

Simulation of operations
In the team's experience, there are two main areas where mediCAD® from Hectec has special benefits for routine surgical procedures. First, operations can be fully simulated. Potential problems that may become apparent only during the operation can be detected early, during planning. The surgeon can then analyse the situation without stress and find the best solution. Since prostheses cannot be stored hygienically directly in the operating room, there is frequently a waiting time during the operation, especially when uncommon implants are used. However, when planning is completed in advance, the required sizes can be provided during normal pre-op preparations.

Complete documentation automatically
Secondly, digital planning resolves two problems associated with documentation: Documentation is generated automatically during planning, saving time. And the documentation is always complete. Compared to handwritten documentation in patient records, this saves significant amounts of time. According to Chief Doctor Sabine Kasparek, "I have the peace of mind of knowing that all steps in the planning process are completely documented with full legal compliance, something that is becoming increasingly important for me and the hospital."

At a glance

➥ PC-based digital planning of operations is steadily replacing conventional planning with paper and templates.
➥ No additional effort required for legally compliant documentation.
➥ Straightforward selection of specialist prostheses for severe congenital and post-traumatic deformities.
➥ Planning on healthy leg transfers easily.
➥ Use for knee prosthetics planned.

Based on these positive experiences, the hospital intends to start planning knee endoprosthetics digitally with mediCAD® as well.

The full report can be downloaded here as PDF file... here download

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