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WOM classic6

The current mediCAD Version 6.5  

The new version contains numerous expansions developed in close cooperation with leading surgeons. Darkmode is now availiable to 

mediCAD Classic 2D 6.5

3D Spine

mediCAD 2D/3D Spine

The intuitive and innovative hybrid plan, including sagital balance is one of the most powerful core functions of the spine 3D.

mediCAD® 3D Spine.
• Video presentation...

3D Knee

mediCAD 2D/3D Long Leg

Plan corrective osteotomies with single or multiple cuts and simulate the effects of different alignement philosophys.
• mediCAD® 2D Long Leg - Osteotomy
• mediCAD® 3D Long Leg


mediCAD Shoulder (Upper Extremities) 2D/3D 

Preoperative planning with  a ROM-Analysis for upper extremities like shoulder, elbow, hand and fingers.

mediCAD® 2D Upper Extremities
mediCAD® 3D Shoulder


mediCAD 2D/3D Hip

Opens up new possibilities for revision-safe surgical preparation. Always now what to expect in the OR

mediCAD® 2D Hip
mediCAD® 3D Hip

mediCAD 2D/3D Knee

Perform accurate preoperative planning in 3D as well as in 2D and choose the best approach for you and for the patient.

mediCAD® 2D Knee
mediCAD® 3D Knee
mediCAD® 3D Knee Sport



WOM classic6

 The NEW mediCAD® version 6.5 



medicad Hip8

 mediCAD®  Hip 


mediCAD® 2D Hip
mediCAD® 3D Hip



mediCAD® 2D/3D Spine

直感的で革新的な2D/3DハイブリッドプランニングはmediCAD® Spineの最も強力な機能の1つです。


shulter img1


mediCAD® 2D/3D Shoulder (Upper Extremities)



mediCAD® 2D Upper Extremities

mediCAD® 3D Shoulder

mediCAD knee3D img2


mediCAD® 2D/3D Knee


mediCAD® 2D Knee
mediCAD® 3D Knee
mediCAD® 3D Knee Sport

medicad hip 3D img2


mediCAD® 2D/3D Long Leg


mediCAD® 2D Long Leg - Osteotomy
mediCAD® 3D Long Leg


Ever thought about the benefits of preparing your Operations from Home ?

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