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    With the Desktop app of chatMED you can chat, send pictures and videos, send voice recordings and much more. Use chatMED like one of the popular messengers, with the certainty that your data won’t be saved on US servers, but will remain encrypted on German servers in accordance with the European data protection law.

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    Send messages to individuals or to groups. You can also mark certain messages as “unread”. Use the filter to find unread messages faster.

    Sent messages can be edited. All chat users can open the communication history which ensures full transparency.

    Keep an overview of your chats by archiving older or unimportant ones. This step can be undone at any time.

    chatMED DIcom menu

    Send images: JPEG and DICOM

    One specialty of chatMED is that you can’t only send normal images from your photo gallery to your desired contact, but also have a direct interface to your PAC system. Multiple DICOM nodes can also be set up by your admin to access multiple PACS.

    The clearly arranged search mask makes it possible to select the correct study with just a few clicks and then send the DICOM image to one or more persons.

    Draw on DICOM images

    If you want to point out certain anatomical characteristics, you can add your own notes, circles, lines or arrows using the drawing function. Afterwards, select the contact person to whom you want to send the image.

    Search function

    Nutzen Sie die in mediCAD 2D integrierte Schnittstelle, um Ihre mediCAD-Planungsdatei oder den Planungsreport mit anderen Kollegen zu teilen. Holen Sie sich einen Fachexperten hinzu, diskutieren Sie mit ihm per Chat Ihre Bedenken mithilfe des konkreten Patientenbildes und setzten Sie dessen Rat in Ihrer Planung um.

    Send voice recording

    If you permit the app to access your microphone, you can record a voice message. If you are satisfied with the recording, send it out right away, otherwise you can record a new one.


    Using the camera, you can take and send both an actual picture and a short video. If you don’t like the shot, discard it and create a new one.