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mediCAD integrates Thieme eRef

The content of Thieme eRef is now available within the mediCAD® pre-op planning software from Hectec GmbH. mediCAD® provides doctors with digital support during the planning of operations. Within Thieme eRef, doctors receive comprehensive situational and case-based medical information from Thieme technical books and journals and from databases.

Through the integration of eRef into the mediCAD® planning software, doctors can now access eRef content from any point in the digital pre-planning process. After registering, users can access eRef for 14 days at no charge.

"We are really pleased that we have been able to integrate direct access to Thieme eRef into our planning software through this collaboration with Thieme publishing,", says Jörn Seel, Managing Director of Hectec GmbH. With their eRef product, Thieme Publishing puts a wide variety of medical information at doctors' fingertips. they can find useful content from e-books and e-journals published by the company and from various databases. "Using eRef, a doctor can access exactly the information he or she needs in a specific situation. If he has a technical question during pre-op planning, he can research the answer directly through eRef", according to Dr. Siegfried Steindl, Publishing Department Director at Thieme.

eRef has been fully integrated into mediCAD Spine® 3D since July. Now integration into mediCAD Classic® has been completed. All content can be retrieved directly at any point in the pre-op planning process. mediCAD® automatically proposes explanations and tips based on the current step in the planning process.

After registering, users can access eRef for 14 days at no charge. After the trial period, a hospital or practice license can be purchased from the publisher.

Die Thieme Group
Thieme is a market leader in books, journals, electronic media, and services related to all aspects of medicine and health and related natural sciences. A family-owned company with approximately 900 employees, Thieme Group develops globally-connected product offerings based on more than 150 technical journals and an available program of 4500 books in print and online. Thieme targets stakeholders from every aspect of healthcare, from medical students to specialized doctors, from midwives to physical therapists, from librarians to health insurance providers, and from hospitals to anyone interested in human health. The name Thieme stands for reliable quality. This is confirmed by the ranking of publishers by market research institute Innofact, where Thieme regularly occupies the top spot.

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