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mediCAD MR (Mixed Reality)

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The future of orthopedic intraoperative monitoring

mediCAD® MR
is a software solution for the visualization of preoperative planning and intraoperative monitoring.
The software is applicable on the Microsoft HoloLens 2, a mixed reality device1. It gives surgeons the possibility to bring preoperatively made digital plans into the operating room and have permanent access to them. As opposed to a computer screen, mediCAD® MR can display an object in three dimensions.

With one click, a preoperative plan made with mediCAD® 3D forms the basis for the displayed objects which can then be easily imported into mediCAD® MR. The user can then intuitively grab and move the displayed holograph, change its size and transparency, or turn it around just as if they were holding a physical object in their hands!

The surgeon gets additional assistance by individually displayable operation parameters such as preoperative measurements and information about selected implant.
Junior doctors and members of the education sector might be especially interested in the possibility to not only live stream the whole surgery onto a computer screen or an additional HoloLens, but also communicate with people from outside of the operating room either to receive support or to educate others.

Key functions along with resulting benefits provided by mediCAD® MR:

Functions Benefits

Contactless handling via gesture and voice recognition

→ Sterile intraoperative handling
→ Intuitive usability

Live video streaming, recording and communication
during the whole surgery

→ Teleconsultation
→ Educative streaming
→ Documentation

Individually configurable operation data constantly within sight
thanks to portable head-mount display

→ Focus is always on the patient
→ Fewer interruptions to the operation
→ Continuous comparison of current and target values
→ Quick switching between different plans
→ Convenient, easy workflow for the surgeon

Virtual 3D-reconstruction
with 360°-view and zoom-function

→ Resource efficient
→ Better spatial understanding of pathology and treatment
→ Closer view on small details
→ Precise resection and implantation
→ Patient-empowerment through better patient integration and understanding


In conclusion this leads to:mediCAD MR Workflow

More safety thanks to continuous intraoperative control and precise operating
Better time efficiency thanks to fewer interruptions and more precise planning
Reduced costs thanks to resource efficient workflow


Especially if you already use mediCAD® 3D, mediCAD® MR provides an easy addition that allows you to bring your preoperatively made plans into the operating room and have steady access to all the relevant information. Both mediCAD® software solutions not only complement each other but also provide a seamless workflow from the first plan to the actual surgery.

Are you interested in mediCAD® MR, but this still is unfamiliar terrain for you, or you would like to learn more about it? Contact us for a non-biding presentation of our mixed reality solution and try it out for yourself: Адрес электронной почты защищен от спам-ботов. Для просмотра адреса в вашем браузере должен быть включен Javascript. or tel.: +49 871 330 203 0

1Mixed Reality (MR) solutions are able to integrate digital content into the physical world. As opposed to Virtual Reality (VR) applications, MR allows for the user to still see the real surrounding like the room he is in just like with ordinary glasses but extended with digital objects. That makes them appear similar to Augmented Reality (AR) applications which can blend digital 3D objects into the real world as well. Yet there are some crucial differences: In contrast to AR, MR solutions enable an interaction between digital and real objects and therefore lets them merge into one mixed reality containing both physical and digital content.

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