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Digital operation planning as a guarantee of successful operations

mediCAD Hectec supports the doctor with many functions. This includes the mirroring of the healthy side of the body over the side that is ill. In the case of hip, knee and shoulder operations this is important in order to restore the same anatomy on the side on which the operation is carried out as on the healthy side.

An additional advantage is the fact that the program offers all of the operation steps one after the other, thereby supporting a standardised approach. In this way the doctor can simulate the entire operation on the screen, checking various implants and sizes. The program also automatically saves all of the planning steps. This means everything can be tracked at all times. During x-rays a "calibration sphere" is x-rayed at the same time, ensuring that the image and the implant actually match one another exactly.

This is not so certain in conventional planning. This is why doctors advise asking about planning before an operation and asking for an explanation of the planned operation steps.

Not every hospital or orthopaedic practice can or wants to afford a digital planning program. Although it makes exact planning much faster and more precise (five minutes would be sufficient for experienced doctors), it is a financial investment which quickly pays off in the quality offered to the patient in particular.
Our focus must be on patient satisfaction even years afterwards.

The program is easy to operate and quick to learn. Individual modules such as hip, knee and spine are already used in the 3D mode, leading to demonstrably higher accuracy in terms of the anatomy of the third dimension.

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