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    Published, 19.12.2022

    What doctors say about mediCAD

    For many years, orthopaedic surgeons have been planning operations successfully with the mediCAD software. In the following videos, the doctors talk about their own experiences with mediCAD and how they achieve the best result with the software.

    Priv.- Doz. Dr Julian Fürmetz is the head physician for Sports Traumatology and Arthroscopic Surgery BG Unfallklinikum Murnau

    Dr Fürmetz reports on his achievements with mediCAD in the area of complex deformities. MediCAD helps to analyse and better understand them in 3D.

    Prof Dr Steffen Schröter is the head physician for trauma and reconstructive surgery at the Diakonie Klinikum Jung-Stilling in Siegen

    Prof Dr Schröter reports on his cooperation with mediCAD in the field of deformity correction. With the new user-friendly osteotomy planning module, developed in cooperation with the AO Foundation, surgeons can plan their osteotomies easily and safely.

    Dr Jörg Dickschas – Head of the Joint Preservation, Joint Construction and Endoprosthetics Section at Bamberg Hospital

    Dr Dickschas is very satisfied with the mediCAD planning software and has been working with it for over 10 years. It supports him in planning hip and knee joint operations and osteotomies. Particularly the many complex patellofemoral cases can be analysed in detail.