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      Published, 14.05.2024

      Our Events in May and June 2024

      We kindly invite you to visit us at our upcoming events to experience our latest technological innovations in the field of orthopaedic imaging and planning live. As a leading provider of solutions in this field, we look forward to presenting our latest developments to you. Learn more about mediCAD and ask your questions directly to our experts on site. We look forward to welcoming you!




      Events in May


      Date                                                 Event Place Booth Nr.
      12.05.-15.05.2024 ISRS    New York, USA Nr. 622
      15.05.-17.05.2024 DVSE Düsseldorf, Germany Nr. 01
      15.05.-17.05.2024 KIHE Almaty, Kasachstan Nr. 10 – D1-5
      17.05.-18.05.2024 S.I.C.O.O.P Verona, Italy Coming soon
      30.05.-31.05.2024 SOO La Rochelle, France Nr. 47



      Events in June


      Date                                                 Event Place Booth Nr.
      05.06.-07.06.2024 PCO Toulouse, France Nr. 19
      07.06.2024 Orthopaedicum Marburg, Germany
      17.06.-21.06.2024 FORTE Split, Croatia Coming soon
      20.06.-21.06.2024 SOTEST Strasbourg, France Coming soon
      26.06.-28.06.2024 Swiss Orthopaedics Lausanne, Switzerland Nr. 08