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      With the mediCAD Radiology 2D module, radiologists can create preliminary findings in just a few minutes.

      The module supports the radiologist in pre-diagnosis and efficient performance of radiological measurements. Measurements (such as the knee axis measurement) can be created automatically and then adjusted manually. The tool automatically calculates angles and determines malpositions. With these tools, the pre-diagnosis is created within a very short time.

      The Radiology module contains the following sections:

      • The Pelvic Overview section – with the included measurements for FAI (Femoro-Acetabular Impingement) – helps you to professionally measure and pre-discover hip joint morphology.
      • The knee section helps you with the professional measurement of long leg images and pre-diagnosis of knee malpositions.
      • With the torsion measurement you can measure the femoral and tibial torsion of your patient.

      Benefits for the orthopaedist

      The orthopaedic surgeon can precisely reproduce the radiological findings in mediCAD and verify all measurements.

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      mediCAD radiology 2D - module for orthopaedic measurements

      For more information about the radiology module of mediCAD 2D, please contact our employees.

      Contact us at – We are happy to be at your service.