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    3D planning for the foot

    • Do you specialize in foot/ankle surgery and need a simple, precise tool to prepare your surgery ?
    • Do you want the ability to plan on X-rays as well as CTs, MRIs and DVTs with perspectives from all planes ?

    We have the solution!
    mediCAD® 3D Foot opens up completely new possibilities for you to carry out both anatomical assessment and planning and measurements on the foot and thus realize optimal, audit-proof surgery preparation. A modern, intuitive user interface leading directly to the goal as well as the familiar, comfortable connection to the existing PACS of your clinic are only two of the many attributes that will make mediCAD® 3D Foot an indispensable tool for your daily work.

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    Anatomical 3D & 2D viewing

    Hallux valgus dimension

    Flat foot dimension

    Ankle joint dimension




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    Key performance features:

    • Modern and simultaneous display of anatomy in 2D and 3D
    • Interactive learning program during planning
    • Compatible with CT, MRI, DVT and X-ray images
    • Interface to any PACS possible
    • Planning in all layers and views (AP, ML and axial)
    • Dimensioning of hallux valgus, flatfoot and ankle deformities
    • Manual planning of osteotomies of the forefoot
    • Planning of a hindfoot osteotomy
    • Updating the planning values in correlation with the cutting position and the osteotomy angle
    • Precise planning of primary and revision cases
    • Representation of the implants in the bone through a glass view
    • Planning screws and plates
    • Visualization of the distance and bone contact of implants
    • Export for 3D printing

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    Benefits of 3D Foot

    Interface to any PACS possible: With mediCAD® Query Client it is possible to transfer your images and series to the software and export the finished planning back to the PACS.

    Compatibility with CT, MRI, DVT, and X-ray images: Plan your procedure on 2D and 3D images and easily stitch your series together. Gain an all-around view by viewing pathology in all slices and views.

    Osteotomy Planning: It is possible to plan any osteotomy on the forefoot and hindfoot – from a calcaneus lengthening/shifting to any hallux valgus correction.

    Precise templating: plan the ankle prosthesis, screws and plates or find the cause of revision

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    Anatomical 3D & 2D viewing

    With mediCAD® 3D Foot you have a modern view of the patient’s anatomy in 2D and 3D at the same time. Every image data set and every pathology is different and thus requires a different way of looking at it.

    In addition to a 3D model that can be viewed from all sides, you can visualize the soft tissues and bones density. It is possible to display the individual 2D slices in an axial, sagittal or coronal plane. You can also view the 3D model from several different directions simultaneously.

    Op Planung Hallux Valgus Korrektur

    Hallux valgus dimension

    In mediCAD® 3D Foot, you can perform an anatomical assessment and dimensioning of a hallux valgus pathology. For this purpose, the software guides you through various measurements.


    Flat foot dimension

    In mediCAD® 3D Foot it is possible to assess and dimension a flat foot pathology.

    Sprunggelenk 3D OP-Planung

    Ankle joint dimension

    Assess and measure ankle instability with mediCAD® 3D Foot.

    Hallux Valgus Korrektur mit mediCAD


    In mediCAD® 3D Foot, you can not only perform an anatomical view and dimensioning of pathologies, but also plan the correction itself. You have the possibility to plan and simulate any osteotomies on the forefoot and hindfoot.


    MediCAD® 3D Foot enables precise templating of primary and revision cases, plates and screws.

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