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      The transparent view enhances your ability to observe the implants in their respective positions. It is often necessary to visually determine the condition of the bone at the planned implant position. This can be done with the Hounsfield units of the bone. Both high and low density values can be observed at the planned implant site.

      High or lower primary stability can therefore be assumed when the implants are inserted. The distance visualization of the Hounsfield units can be used to create concepts for preoperative planning, allowing you to determine the correct preparation technique and the subsequent prosthetic solution.

      Besides the  360° visualization of the 3D model, you can automatically display individual 2D slices in axial, sagittal and coronal levels. Additionally, you can view the 3D model from various perspectives. The features of mediCAD 3D Hand include the hide/show function of organs and tissue parts as well as the display of surfaces with various filters or parameters.