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      Your Powerful Tool for Hip Replacement Surgery

      mediCAD® 3D Hip opens up completely new possibilities for you to perform anatomical assessment, preoperative planning and measurements on the hip joint for optimal, audit-proof surgical preparation and better quality of life for patients after a total hip replacement.

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      Anatomical 3D & 2D

      Bone segmentation

      Implant and prosthesis visualization

      ROM simulation

      Acetabular Cup Implants

      Automatic detection

      Reduction of artifacts

      Primary implants

      Implant compatibility

      A modern, intuitive user interface and the familiar, convenient connection to your clinic’s existing PACS system are just two of the many attributes that make mediCAD® 3D Hip an indispensable tool for orthopedic surgeons. mediCAD® 3D Hip was developed in close cooperation with specialists in the field of joint replacement and hip replacement surgery. Continuous development and improvement is the core task of our company.

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      The most important features

      • Modern view of patient’s anatomy in 3D and 2D tomography
      • Simple analysis of the pathological actual situation
      • Precise planning of primary and revision cases
      • Accurate segmentation of the pelvis, acetabulum and femur
      • 3D printing of custom prostheses for joint replacement surgery
      • Automatic setting of the measuring points with automatic detection capabilities
      • Optimal glass view for better recognition of the planned prosthesis position due to the visualized representation of the contact surface between implant and bone
      • Automatic reduction of hip implant artifacts
      • Show and hide implanted medical devices
      • Increased accuracy in implant selection
      • Acetabular Cup Implant compatibility
      • Automatic assembly of modular and non-modular implants
      • Preparation for the determination and fabrication of individual prosthetics
      • Range of Motion (ROM)
      • Interactive help during planning

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      Anatomical 3D and 2D view

      mediCAD® 3D Hip offers you a variety of views of acetabular defects and acetabular fractures, so you can easily switch between the 3D model, the individual 2D slices and the anatomical view.

      Bone segmentation

      Manual segmentation is an important component of preoperative planning in total hip arthroplasty. Through this segmentation, certain areas of the bone can be freely displayed as a high-resolution three-dimensional image. With the help of segmentation, for example, the femur (the thigh bone) can be made visually more visible in order to determine the disease state of the joint.

      Implant visualization

      Every procedure is different, and each preoperative plan requires a different way of looking at things. With the help of the glass view, you have the possibility to better observe the inserted implants in their position. It is often necessary to visually determine the condition of the acetabulum, bone tissue and soft tissue at the planned implant position. This draws on the Hounsfield units of the bone.

      Range of motion simulation

      The abnormal shape of the bones that leads to hip impingement is not always captured by classic tomography. The complex relationship between the shape of the acetabular shell, the shape of the femoral head and their biocompatibility during movements is difficult to determine without visual representation. Hip problems are dynamic and multidimensional. Current static imaging leaves much to the imagination.

      Acetabular Cup Implants

      Due to the possibilities of mediCAD® 3D Hip, the individual implant and prosthesis components can be viewed as a template with the help of the implant configurator and placed in the 3D model (CT scan image of the patient). In addition, the implants can be adjusted as a group/individually, rotated, moved or changed to another implant type.

      Automatic Detection

      After you have loaded the CT image, you can start the automatic detection simply by clicking the mouse. The software shows you the measuring points which were found and you have the possibility to modify the points.

      Automatic reduction of implant artifacts

      Preoperative preparation for revision surgery requires accurate planning. mediCAD® 3D Hip helps you make preoperative planning as simple as possible. The automatic artifact reduction of mediCAD® 3D Hip gives you a better view and representation of the actual situation in all planes.

      Show and hide implanted primary implants

      With the automatic bone segmentation, mediCAD® 3D Hip makes it easier for you to replace a prosthesis (revision) by showing and hiding the implants already implanted.

      Implant compatibility

      Use mediCAD 3D Hip to insert the best fitting implants directly into your planning. Check the fit of the implant as well as the compatibility of all implant components. The integrated implants database is one of the largest worldwide and is constantly being expanded. To update any missing implants or prostheses, please contact

      Read our 3D Hip Report

      Learn more about benefits of 3D-CT planning software available to orthopedic surgeons in the context of total hip arthroplasty, knee replacement and other orthopedic procedures in our report by Professor Alister Hart and colleagues.

      3D Hip Brochure

      Please feel free to download the following brochure for further information on mediCAD 3D Hip.

      Download brochure

      The Future of Surgery with 3D Printing Technology

      Use our 3D printing service to create a realistic and detailed image of any bone region that can be exported directly from our mediCAD 3D modules. 3D printing and planning revolutionizes healthcare through more efficient preoperative planning and advanced individualized care.