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    Our Products

    The modern view of the anatomy in 2D and 3D in combination with many different automatic measurements and functions supports orthopedists in making diagnoses and planning operations. For almost every joint, we offer a separate module to address the specific requirements needed for diagnosis and surgery preparation for each individual area.

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    With mediCAD 7.0 you can quickly and easily plan all operations from osteotomies to endoprosthetics on almost all joints from head to toe in 2D.

    Hip Planning / Knee Planning / Osteotomy / Upper Extremities / Foot, Ankle & Hallux Valgus / Trauma

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    3D Modules

    Our 3D modules are compatible with CT, MRI, DVT and X-ray images. They can be displayed and planned in all slices and views. The 3D view makes the alignment of implants and screws even more precise and easier.

    Hip Planning / Knee Planning / Shoulder Planning / Spine Planning / Foot Planning / Hand Planning (in development)

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    mediCAD Web



    Our mediCAD Web software offers particularly flexible surgery planning. Here you can access the modules via the browser and perform your surgery planning regardless of location.

    Hip Planning / Knee Planning / Osteotomy / Radiology

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    mediCAD Mixed Reality


    Mixed Reality

    View your 3D planning intraoperatively as a hologram and control it with intuitive gestures and voice control. Let experts participate in the surgery via live video streaming.

    Contactless operation / Live video transmission / Recording & communication / Individually configurable operation information / Visual 3D reconstruction

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    mediCAD chatMED



    This messengers allows for easy communication between physicians and guarantees absolute data security by the means of encryption in accordance with the European GDPR.

    You can use the intuitive drawing function on DICOMs to point out certain issues of the patient and to be assisted by your colleagues.

    Messages / Images / Videos / Audio Message / DICOM / Planning Reports / Group Chats

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    A regularly updated implant database, a well thought-out product concept and ease of use make mediCAD® Veterinary a useful planning tool for surgical veterinary medicine.

    Intertrochanteric osteotomies / Angle calculation according to Norberg / TPLO planning / Detailed distance and angle dimensions

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    mediCAD Services



    The optimal connection of services directly via the mediCAD® software offers you the possibility to request services in an uncomplicated way. mediCAD supports you, among other things, in ordering 3D prints and individual prostheses.

    mediCAD 3D Printing / mediCAD Customized Implants / mediCAD Logistics / X-Ray Accessories

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    mediCAD OR


    Operation Room

    offmediCAD® OR is a module for intraoperative visualisation and control of surgical and orthopaedic interventions in spine and joint surgery. The solution for comprehensive surgical processes  supports you digitally and in a user-friendly way from pre-operative planning with the 2D or 3D modules, through work in the operating room with mediCAD® OR, to post-operative control.

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