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    Mixed Reality im Operationssaal

    Intraoperative visualization of planning

    mediCAD® MR creates a true-to-scale 3D image of the patient’s anatomy. This image contains various information obtained in advance through 3D planning.

    The representation is based on the previously planned interventions and also includes planned implants and simulated resections. 

    This provides you with a detailed basis for intraoperative visualization, which can be easily created from the 3D planning modules at the push of a button. 

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    In addition to the 3D display, 2D images can also be displayed. For example, X-ray images or CT slice images of the anatomy can be loaded and viewed in detail during the procedure. 

    With the help of this information, you can always have all relevant information displayed directly in your field of vision and compare it intraoperatively with your planning.  

    Mixed Reality im Operationssaal