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      So far, the process from the requirements of an individual prothesis to the final employable prothesis in surgery was very time-intensive and a big disadvantage.

      Please let us introduce the new feature “Individual prosthesis”. Through this new implementation the time relevant process to receive an individually customized implant will be significantly minimized.

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      • Easy to use
      • Fast data transmission
      • Eco-friendly
      • Cost saving
      • Improve of customer loyalty
      • For optimal resolution in CT pictures a layer thickness of up to 1 mm is recommended
      • Audit proof archiving of all data in PACS system

      Continued development in mediCAD®

      This new feature is permanently enhanced, as well for the software mediCAD® Hip 3D. After the doctor has done his planning with his preferred implant manufacturer and has chosen the feature “Individual prothesis” an individual form of the implant manufacturer pops up. The doctor is now asked to fill out this form and to upload his current plan to the server – the platform to which both parties have access to (doctor and implant manufacturer).

      For better communication between customer and manufacturer a chat and exchange platform will be implemented.

      If you want to know more about Customized Implants feel free to contact us.

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