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      Access to the PACS

      mediCAD® software (2D and 3D) comes with the comprehensive Query Client interface free of charge.
      The Query Client docks to almost any PAC system via the DICOM standard via Query Retrieve/ and Store SCP and fulfills the latest data protection guidelines.

      The Query Client is a server application, but is also used in stand-alone installations.

      Loading of all common Dicom formats -> CR, DX, XA, CT, MRT, DVT… from the PACS (PACS configuration required)

      Loading and opening DICOM CDs/DVDs with a direct overview of the contents

      Loading and saving editable plans from the database as well as loading and saving editable plans in a central location

      Loading CT, MRI series and storage as plans into the PACS

      User authentication, group management before PACS access

      Several DICOM nodes can be managed at group level.

      Release created plans to groups or defined users.

      Sending the plans for FTP directly to Endodok.

      mediCAD® works with the DICOM standard.
      For special adaptations to other digital systems, our technology and software specialists will be happy to assist you.

      Are you interested in mediCAD®?

      Arrange an on-site appointment here to have our product presented to you.
      We can then work with you to draw up a plan for integrating mediCAD® in your hospital/clinic.