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    About mediCAD®

    With mediCAD, mediCAD Hectec GmbH is setting an innovative milestone in the support of surgical orthopedics worldwide. mediCAD provides the best possible framework for a perfectly prepared, professionally performed and auditproof documented operation.

    The software archives all important patient information in your PACS and enables complete traceability of findings, the pre-operational plan and follow-ups.

    Through close collaboration with leading medical technology companies and successful use of mediCAD in more than 3500 clinics around the world, mediCAD HECTEC GmbH is now a global player in the medical software market.

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    Our History


    Foundation and version 1.1

    Since 1994, mediCAD Hectec GmbH has been working on software solutions for orthopedic surgeons. Our goal is and was to enable efficient and safe planning of joint operations in all aspects, digitally – in clinics as well as in practices.


    Market launch of pre-operative planning

    In 1999, mediCAD Hectec GmbH was the first company in the world to provide a software program that enables the complete preoperative planning of a joint replacement to be professionally created in a digital environment with just a few inputs/clicks.


    Takeover of the current CEO

    After the company founders, the Hechenbichler family, had to retire, the current managing director Jörn Seel took over the company.

    He optimised the software development and the sales concept and led the company into a successful future.


    Opening of the Atlanta, GA Office

    The subsidiary mediCAD Inc. was launched in 2015 in Atlanta. We are proud to present another location in the USA an offer more closer Customer Care for our US Customers.


    Introduction of mediCAD 3D

    mediCAD makes history and now offers 3-dimensional CT based planning modules in addition to the release of the 2D Classic version 5.0.

    Further highlights are the automatic segmentation of 3D objects, the visualisation of the 3D implant as reconstructive model and a movement simulation simplify the surgical planning process.


    Winning new Partners

    mediCAD works with 70 distribution partners worldwide at this point.

    This year we gained 2 major additional partners:

    Zimmer Biomet and LINK.


    Start of the Development of new products in future Technologies

    The development of new products is progressing fast:

    chatMED – Messenger for medical professionals

    Mixed Reality – Hologram in the operating theatre

    3D Foot Module – A foot Module was added to our portfolio

    Also a new office location was opened in Hamburg, Germany.


    Release of mediCAD Classic 2D Version 7.0

    With the release of the new MDR-certified version 7.0, numerous requests from doctors have been integrated into the software anda significant amount of implant vendors and their templates ahve have been added to the database.

    We also introduced an SQL based Implant Library which makes finding the needed model and size easier and faster.

    mediCAD History Karte

    The worldwide
    orthopedic Plan

    With the aid of automatic calculations and special algorithms, doctors can save up to 85% of the time required for conventional surgery planning.
    Multiple studies confirm the effectivnes of our 2D and 3D modules.

    Additionally, planning quality can be improved considerably by additional Information and measurements or the possibility to print out 3D Objects via 3D-Printers.

    The mediCAD brand an products are well know all around the globe.

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    100% made in Germany

    You are obliged by law to perform pre-operative planning, but time constraints at your clinic to make this virtually impossible.

    Digital imagery represents the future of the profession, so digital planning must keep pace with current – and future – requirements.

    Scientific work should be substantiated by up-to-date imagery that is available quickly and without wasted time.

    Whether your focus is on scientific research or day-to-day activities in a clinic, mediCAD® makes your life easier with a well thought out approach and straightforward operation.

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    Support by data protection officer

    mediCAD is professionally supported in data protection issues. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact our data protection officer Siegfried Floßmann.

    Data protection officer DSB-TÜV Süd

    Siegfried Floßmann

    District court Traunstein HRA 9385

    GF: Siegfried Floßmann


    Mühlbachstraße 48

    84547 Emmerting

    Tel: +49-151 / 22 33 13 96

    Fax: +49-8679 / 30 20 35

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