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      The future of orthopedic intraoperative control

      Take your preoperative plan into the OR as a hologram with mediCAD MR



      Intraoperative visualisation of the planning

      Edit holograms

      Collaborative work

      Central functions and benefits

      1. seamless integration into the mediCAD 3D workflow

      • Export from mediCAD 3D to mediCAD MR at the touch of a button
      • Import & display of planned prostheses through database connection & specific file format

      2. contactless operation via gestures or voice commands

      • Sterile operability
      • Intuitive operation
      • Fewer interruptions to the operation

      3. individually configurable operation information always in view

      • Continuous intraoperative visualization
      • Fewer interruptions to the operation

      4. virtual 3D reconstruction as a customisable hologram

      • 360° image view enables better understanding of pathology
      • Zoom function enables capture of smallest details
      • Individual fade-in & fade-out of different object parts, such as implants, bone areas to be resected or whole bones
      • Clipping sphere and transparency adjustment of the hologram allows visual detection of otherwise invisible areas, such as the inner cortical bone or the implant cover

      5. live video transmission, communication & recording of the OP

      • Teleconsultation via audio & video transmission
      • Viewing holograms across multiple HoloLenses
      • Educational streaming on computer screens
      • Documentation of the operation

      6. patient empowerment through better illustration of the planned intervention.

      Advantages of mediCAD® MR

      Connection to any PAC system: With mediCAD® MR you can load CT or X-ray images from different PACS and display them as a hologram in the MR software

      Through a mediCAD-specific file format, planned interventions can be transferred to the Mixed Reality software together with the implants and other planning content. Files from other sources can also be loaded in the common 2D & 3D file formats.

      The loaded 3D objects can be edited with regard to different possibilities in their display to get a better understanding of the anatomy and the planned intervention.

      Through the joint viewing of holograms by several HoloLenses as well as the possibility to connect to the HoloLens from a PC, there are various possibilities to support the operator or to use the software for educational purposes.

      Do you want to get more information?

      Then arrange a non-binding consultation appointment.

      Intraoperative visualisation of the plan

      With mediCAD® MR, a true-to-scale image of the anatomy including planned interventions is created as a 3D object and then displayed as a hologram in the mixed reality software.

      In addition, further 2D elements can be displayed as holograms to obtain further relevant information.

      Hologram processing

      For intraoperative support, a number of other functions are available to the user with which the 3D & 2D holograms can be edited and adjusted in their display.

      Collaborative work

      mediCAD® MR offers various possibilities to be able to include as many participants as possible in the benefits of Mixed Reality.

      For example, holograms can be viewed across several MR users or video and audio transmission to a PC can be enabled.


      Please contact us to learn more about the module.

      mediCAD® Mixed Reality - FAQ

      Is mediCAD® MR already available?

      mediCAD® MR is now available as a certified medical device (Class I according to MDR)! Please contact us at for a personal demo and to be among the first to use the advantages of Mixed Reality intraoperatively!

      How complex is the operation of mediCAD® MR?

      Since Mixed Reality is a new technology, MR focuses on making it as easy as possible to use.
      Therefore, the individual functions can be controlled intuitively by gestures or voice commands, and the user always has the option of virtual support in case of difficulties.

      Can HoloLens also be used by people who wear glasses?

      Yes, the HoloLens can generally also be used by people who wear glasses thanks to the foldable and thus adjustable visor.

      How is the HoloLens cleaned?

      The gesture- and voice-based control of the goggles reduces potential contamination to a minimum. Of course, thorough disinfection is still necessary for use in the operating theatre environment. These can be cleaned using UV cleaning boxes or 70% isopropyl alcohol solutions, for example.

      Does the HoloLens bother me when I wear it for a long time?

      At only 566 grams, the HoloLens 2 is comparatively light. In addition, the weight is evenly distributed between the front and rear areas, so that even prolonged wearing usually does not cause any problems.

      Since it is also a mixed reality application in which the real environment can still be seen as usual, experience has shown that there is no discomfort in this regard when worn for long periods of time.

      mediCAD® MR Brochure

      For more information about mediCAD Mixed Reality you can download the following brochure.

      Borchure Download