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    PV 228

    2D Prosthesis Database

    mediCAD Hectec GmbH usually creates a new version of the prosthesis database with the latest implants and optimizations on a monthly basis. We recommend that you keep your prosthesis database up to date.

    Click here to download the PV update with your service key

    PV 60

    3D Prosthesis Database

    Our 3D database increases continuously with new implant models for our 3D modules.
    Since the database not only contains additional implants with each update, but also suggested combinations, we recommend that you always keep your database up to date

    Click here to download your 3D PV update with your customer login

    Implant Manufacturers

    mediCAD contains the world’s largest database of implants. Surgeons can select from approximately 500,000 templates from more than 120 international implant manufacturers. The database is expanded monthly with new and updated implant systems.

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