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      Publié le, 23.08.2023

      Discontinuation of mediCAD 6.X

      In the context of our continual advancement of medical product solutions and our ongoing commitment to remain at the forefront of technological innovation, it is imperative to periodically phase out outdated generations of our software.

      Please be informed that both mediCAD® 6.X and all preceding versions are now affected by this process. As of June 30, 2023, no further corrections or support will be provided for these versions, rendering them obsolete.

      To ensure the functionality of our products and deliver impeccable technical support, we recommend customers who utilize this software and have entered into an Evergreen Maintenance Agreement to upgrade to the latest MDR-certified version, mediCAD® 7.0. Our sales team at is here to facilitate this process and, if needed, offer fee-based application training.

      For those who have not entered into an Evergreen Maintenance Agreement, our sales team at is available to provide product presentations, generate quotations, or supply additional information. Experience firsthand the optimized version of mediCAD® 7.0 with Prosthesis Database Version 229, replete with numerous new features, workflows, and automations that enable even more precise planning outcomes.