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Radiology 2D

mediCAD® Radiology is a module of mediCAD® Web

Mit mediCAD® bridges the gap between radiology and orthopedics. With dedicated measurements especially for the radiologist, the module supports a professional initial diagnosis. mediCAD® Radiology is the optimal interface. Dedicated measurements especially for the radiologist support professional initial reporting.

Available measurements:

Acetabular Index
Acetabular index:
by defining the Hilgenreiner line and the acetabular roof, the dysplasia angle on both sides of the body is determined in one step.
Acetabular Index Ombredanne
Acetabular index (Ombredanne):
in addition to the Hilgenreiner line, the line according to Ombredanne can be measured to get more information about the pathological situation.
Pelvic tilt:
with only two clicks the offset of the acetabulum is displayed on both sides.
Coxometry: (New)
enables the assessment of hip joints based on clinically relevant values.
Vordere Hueftkopfabdeckung
Front femoral head cover: (New)
the anterior femoral head cover is part of the coxometric measurements and is measured on the false profile (medial-lateral) X-ray image.

Long Leg (Osteotomy)
determines the angle between the anatomical femoral and tibial shaft axis and thus allows an assessment of possible malpositions of the whole leg.
HKA Angle
HKS-HKA angle: (New)
determines the angle between hip joint center and knee center (Hip-Knee-Shaft, HKS), as well as the angle between hip joint center, knee center and talus center (Hip-Knee-Ankle, HKA) and thus allows an assessment of possible malpositions of the whole leg.

By determining a vertebral top plate and a vertebral base plate, the Cobb angle is determined with only four clicks. Scoliosis measurements are now possible multiple times.
Sagittal Balance
Sagittale Balance: (New)
allows the determination of the sagittal parameters Pelvic Incidence (PI), Sacral Slope (SS) and Pelvic Tilt (PT) to assess the deformity of the spine.

Hallux Valgus
Hallux Valgus: (New)
allows the determination of the hallux valgus angle to evaluate the preoperative situation.
Dijan angle
Dijan angle:
To evaluate positional anomalies at the hindfoot, the Dijan angle can be determined.
Meary: (New)
The Meary measurement can be carried out to assess positional anomalies on the rear foot.

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