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      Veröffentlicht am, 21.10.2022

      Browser planning with mediCAD Web

      Preoperative planning has risen to one of the key elements in the field of orthopedics. It offers several benefits for both the surgeon and the patient. Most cases demand detailed planning with high-quality imaging software.

      A good preoperative plan is of utmost importance and can determine the success or failure of an intervention. In case that questions arise in a post-operative context, clinics that use mediCAD® Web are backed up with automated archiving at every step of their planning. Most countries’ legislative entities demand from clinics archivable pre-operative planning. Using mediCAD® Web the most effective options and conclusions are determined, highlighted, calculated, and documented in the pre-operative process. Preoperative planning software module mediCAD® Web serves surgical staff that need more flexibility in their preoperative planning process. Users enjoy the advantages of being mobile, plan anywhere and anytime and still rely on the features of mediCAD®. This takes into consideration the technical aspects of the procedure and finally planning the most appropriate solution.


      State-of-the-art streaming and planning with mediCAD® Web

      mediCAD® WEB is a new preoperative planning solution offering flexibility as a web browsing solution making it for orthopedic professionals easy to access from any device. mediCAD® Web allows flexible call of the planning via the browser, thus assists orthopedic surgeons in their preoperative planning. With the web module, you can access your surgical planning from anywhere and at any time. For example, when planning a hip surgery with the mediCAD® Web 2D Hip module, the surgeon can precisely select the type, size, and length of the stem. The repositioning of the femoral shaft to the center of the implant cup is done automatically with the selection of the neck length. An ideal femoral offset can be created by compensating leg length.

      mediCAD® Web is ideal for users that needs more flexibility in their preoperative planning and don’t want to be tied to a specific location while at the same time enjoy all the features, they are used to from using mediCAD® Web. With mediCAD® Web, users may correct landmarks where applicable and confirm the accurate position of any area of interest. Further measurements can be performed easily and independently of a user’s location.

      Key Funcionalities of mediCAD® Web

      mediCAD® WEB is a real-time application that requires a stable internet connection to ensure an undisturbed information flow between browser and web server. Real-time describes the immediacy between the input-giving browser and the execution/processing of the webserver. With mediCAD® Web, all main functions in preoperative planning as visualization, measurement are accessible from everywhere at any time via a browser.

      • mediCAD® WEB transmits your mouse clicks within the planning module to the webserver. Any action taken is instantly recorded and processed and returned to the executing server. The application of the processes is implemented purely on the webserver.
      • The web server creates screenshots and sends those to the browser. In this way, many such screenshots give the impression that the image movement, the insertion of prosthetic templates, or the drawing of dimensions can be seen as a „planning stream“.

      mediCAD® WEB simply better planning

      Surgical planning has now become a lot easier to use and is time saving in comparison with conventional planning. The design of a desired outcome takes good planning. mediCAD® Web measures precisely and has become step-by-step an indispensable ally of the modern orthopedic clinic.

      mediCAD Web Radiology

      • Accurate measurements and appropriate template selection
      • The flexible call-up of planning via the browser
      • In case of interruption (e.g., interrupted internet connection or „pause“) simple call of the planning by automatically saved planning file
      • No local files and documents necessary
      • Allowing to observe multiple points of given pathologies
      • Reduction of administration work because each user is centrally managed
      • Planning work can be performed remotely via a web browser

      Conclusion of 2D software planning with mediCAD® Web

      With mediCAD Web you can perform preoperative planning flexibly via the browser. Selected users with network access to the clinic (VPN or proxy) can access 2D software from anywhere with an internet-enabled device. The modules supported at this time are Hip 2D, Knee 2D, Long Leg 2D (Osteotomy), and Radiology 2D. The biggest advantages, for the surgeon, are the local flexibility. Clinics still need a local server for securing sensitive data, but fewer technical challenges reduce IT costs with mediCAD® Web. For example, no software installation is necessary as well as maintenance and software management thanks to hosting provided by mediCAD®.

      By allowing more precise surgical planning mediCAD® WEB ensures a lower rate of intra- and post-operative complications while at the same time providing high-quality health care. Subsequently, high-quality health care results in happier patients and improved the reputation of clinics and surgical teams. The prospect is that in the next future more and more features can be provided as this technology advances. Unique and special functions and -modules are continuously developed and made available by mediCAD®.