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    With the knee module you can plan knee prostheses in two planes (AP and ML). Possible axial malpositions can be determined and corrected during planning. This makes it possible to assess a correction of the force application on the whole leg preoperatively and postoperatively. The service life of the knee prosthesis can be considerably prolonged in this way.

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    mediCAD corrects the malposition automatically or by manual input, depending on the desired objective. It calculates the expected postoperative mechanical axes, the longitudinal axes and all relevant angles. Planning is performed on whole-leg AP and partial ML X-ray images simultaneously. In this way, the posterior condyle can be optimally assessed.

    Autoplan Knee

    With the “Autoplan Knee” function, all dimensions and any axis misalignments are automatically carried out and corrected after automatic recognition of the relevant landmarks. mediCAD offers a very fast and efficient endoprosthetic preoperative planning with this function. Using a list of favourites, the automatic determination can be limited to an individually preferred manufacturer or implant configuration.