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      mediCAD in the Operation Room

      Digitisation in orthopaedic surgery

      mediCAD® OR is a software that supports the doctor qualitatively and visually by digitally displaying the planning data in the operating room and matching them with the intraoperative images.

      This complete digitisation of orthopaedic surgery offers the opportunity to check the planning intraoperatively so that you can implement any necessary corrections to all surgical steps immediately during the operation. In addition, less experienced doctors benefit by getting the necessary support and security with mediCAD® OR. The need for a revision can be reduced and, as a result, the overall planning quality and safety for doctor and patient is increased.

      mediCAD® OR has been developed in cooperation with Siemens Healthineers for the C-Arm Cios Spin.

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      mediCAD OR - Start programm

      The functionality of mediCAD OR

      The pre-operative planning data created with mediCAD 3D or 2D can be loaded onto a C-arm using a USB stick. The C-arm in turn can create a live intraoperative 2D image. Then mediCAD® OR will merge the information from the two different imaging systems (2D and 3D). This is usually a pre-operative 3D planning and an intra-operative 2D image created by the C-arm. As a result of this innovative hybrid matching, the preoperative planning data is compared with the actual condition during the operation.

      This is the reason, why mediCAD® OR offers the possibility to visualise the target-actual comparison live in the operation room, and offers the oportunity to adjust the surgical steps according to the planning.

      Advantages of mediCAD OR

      • Digital planning and all important information are directly in front of your eyes
      • Comparison of the actual state with the planning: The live image in the operating room is matched to the planning image and the surgical step (the procedure) can be objectively assessed and adjusted if necessary.
      • Exporting the data directly to a PAC system or to registers facilitates documentation.

      This complete digitisation of orthopaedic surgery gives the doctor the opportunity to check his planning intraoperatively so that any necessary corrections to his surgical steps can be made immediately during the operation. The need for a follow-up operation can be reduced.

      mediCAD® OR is currently in the development process, whereby all mediCAD® 3D modules will additionally be available as OR modules in the future.

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