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      In the two special modules “Patellofemoral Measurements” and “Corrective Osteotomy”, all necessary measurements and preoperative planning functions are available for orthopedic and sports medicine clinicians. Each module delivers quick measurements of the tibiofemoral and patellofemoral joint, allowing for easier planning of osteotomies to restore musculoskeletal health.

      Patellofemoral Measurements
      In the patellofemoral joint, muscle injury pathologies include patellar maltracking as well as atellar dislocation. Malpositions, abnormalities and ligament damage of lower extremities due to athletic injuries can easily be identified with the available portfolio of measurements listed below.

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      Measurement Options:

      • TT-TG distance
      • TT-PCL distance (CT/MRI)
      • Sulcus angle
      • Trochlear depth
      • Measurement of leg axis
      • Determination of patella angle
      • Definition of patella height (Insall-Salvati, Caton-Deschamps)
      • Femoral torsion (according to Waidelich and Schneider)
      • Tibial torsion (according to Waidelich and Jend)
      • Trochlear classification according to Dejour

      Corrective Osteotomy

      A corrective osteotomy for sports injuries mainly addresses pathologies inside the patellofemoral joint, which are often due to patellar maltracking and malrotation of the distal femur. These abnormalities, affecting both bone and soft tissue, can be identified via imaging modalities delivered by medical imaging or musculoskeletal radiology providers. Maltracking and malrotations can be corrected with a derotational osteotomy.

      Measurement and planning options:

      • Measurement of the leg axes including femoral and tibial torsion
      • Measurement of the tibial posterior slope
      • Planning an HTO or a DFO
      • Planning a double-level osteotomy
      • Planning a derotation osteotomy
      • Measurements and planning in 2D and 3D
      • Sports Imaging Modalities: Computed Tomography (CT imaging), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI, CBCT, X-ray)