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      Published, 10.05.2024

      Enhanced Healthcare: mediCAD Hospital Finder


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      Ensuring safety and precision in orthopedic treatments is of paramount importance. In this regard, patients seek reliable medical facilities that leverage innovative technologies and provide excellent planning security. At mediCAD, we understand these needs and have thus developed the mediCAD Hospital Finder to assist patients in finding suitable medical centers. 

      The mediCAD Hospital Finder on our website serves as an indispensable tool for patients aspiring to receive optimal treatment. By entering their postal code and setting the radius, patients can quickly and easily find medical facilities that work with mediCAD software for preoperative planning. 

      For medical institutions utilizing mediCAD, utmost precision and state-of-the-art technology are at the core of their care. Our software enables precise planning and preparation for orthopedic procedures, ensuring the highest standards in medical care. 

      The decision to use mediCAD as preoperative planning software demonstrates medical institutions’ commitment to their patients’ safety and comfort. The precision and advanced technology associated with using mediCAD provide unparalleled quality in orthopedic care. 

      The mediCAD Hospital Finder is a tool that benefits both patients and medical institutions. It allows patients to select the nearest medical center based on a high level of orthopedic care focused on their safety and recovery.