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      Published, 22.12.2023

      Interview: The AO Osteotomy Tool

      Insight into the World of Orthopedics: Dr. Steffen Schröter in an Interview on the Development of mediCAD Software 

      In an exclusive interview, Professor Dr. Schröter, Chief Physician for Trauma and Restorative Surgery, discusses with Theresa Diermeier from the AO Foundation the latest advancements in deformity analysis and preoperative planning software for corrective osteotomies. This interview provides a deep dive into the collaboration between the AO Foundation and mediCAD in developing innovative preoperative planning tools. 

      Integrating software solutions into clinical practice has long been a challenge. Thanks to the close collaboration between medical expertise and technology, an impressive outcome was achieved: The AO Osteotomy Tool, a fully automatic 2D planning software based on X-rays of long legs in the coronal plane, was developed. Professor Dr. Schröter highlights the tremendous significance of this tool for the orthopedic community. 

      Dr. Schröter explains the challenge in daily practice of recognizing and quickly analyzing deformities in X-ray images. Accelerated analysis and immediate plan presentation can make treatments more efficient, leading to faster and more precise solutions for patients. 

      The development of mediCAD software was a collaboration between the AO Foundation and mediCAD, aiming to make the software user-friendly and intuitive for surgeons. The result of these efforts is a highly praised tool already in use in training courses. 

      The interview with Dr. Schröter not only provides insights into the importance of precise planning in orthopedics but also emphasizes the pioneering benefits of this innovative software for patient care. Don’t miss this fascinating conversation about the future of orthopedic surgery and find out how mediCAD is enhancing treatment quality. 

      Watch the complete interview to gain a deeper understanding of the latest advancements and learn how mediCAD is revolutionizing orthopedic surgery. 


      Check out the interview here:

      http://Deformity Analysis and Preoperative Planning Software for Correction Osteotomies – AO TV