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      Published, 29.11.2023

      mediCAD & Vin University

      We are incredibly excited to announce the partnership agreement between mediCAD based in Bad Homburg, Germany, and doctors from Vin University in Hanoi, Vietnam. This groundbreaking collaboration signifies a major leap forward in orthopedic solutions and significantly contributes to fostering partnerships and friendships in Asia.

      The partnership marks a turning point in orthopedic care, symbolizing a powerful alliance between medical expertise and technological innovation. The extensive expertise of Vin University’s orthopedic specialists combined with the technological brilliance of mediCAD paves the way for groundbreaking advancements in orthopedic care.

      Together, we shape the future of orthopedic medicine. The fusion of these exceptional competencies promises a significant leap forward in developing innovative orthopedic solutions. This collaboration not only demonstrates our commitment to the Asia region but also a clear dedication to promoting cutting-edge medical standards.

      This partnership is the beginning of an exciting journey where we aim to push the boundaries of orthopedic innovation together. Join us on this journey as we collectively strive for excellence in orthopedic innovation!