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      Published, 18.03.2024

      The Future of Spine Surgery 

      MediCAD is pleased to announce that the IR trademark of MEDICAD 3D SPINE is now internationally protected. This protective measure underscores the significance and value of our brand in the field of spine surgery, demonstrating our commitment to innovation and quality in medical imaging and planning software. 

      mediCAD® 3D Spine provides comprehensive support for preoperative planning and execution of spine procedures. As a leading company in medical imaging and planning software, we have continuously evolved our powerful tool to meet the evolving demands of spine surgeons. 

      This innovative software enables detailed anatomical assessment, planning, and measurements on the spine for optimal surgical preparation. The modern interface of mediCAD® 3D Spine offers an intuitive user experience, allowing surgeons to work more efficiently and achieve more precise results. With the powerful features of mediCAD® 3D Spine, surgeons can work with precision and efficiency, leading to better outcomes and improved patient care. 

      With the ability to work with both CT and MRI data in  three dimension3D space as well as traditional two-dimensional2D X-rays, mediCAD® 3D Spine offers a flexible and versatile solution. Automatic segmentation aids in planning and enables automatic measurements, as well as the automatic insertion and placement of pedicle screws. 

      With mediCAD® 3D Spine, osteotomies can be performed precisely, and the resected areas can be moved or rotated as needed. The Sagittal Balance module enables quick and easy allows for easy and fast assessment of patient’s alignment. The Screw Assistant provides a selection of different screw types and lengths to meet individual patient needs. 

      The software also offers a convenient solution for planning a spondylodesis. It provides various visualization representations and intuitive aids for easy operation. The Import Assistant guides step by step through the preparation of the planning, from selecting the planning mode to scaling the X-ray or segmenting the 3D model. These innovative and user-friendly features make mediCAD® 3D Spine an indispensable solution for spine surgeons worldwide. 

      This innovative and user-friendly software revolutionizes the planning and execution of spine procedures. With mediCAD® 3D Spine, surgeons can work with precision and efficiency, leading to better outcomes and improved patient care. 

      MediCAD is proud to offer mediCAD® 3D Spine as a leading solution for spine surgery. We are committed to continuing to develop innovative technologies that meet the needs of our customers and improve patient care. 

      For more information, visit our website or contact us for personal consultation. We thank you for your interest and look forward to shaping the future of spine surgery together.