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    Published, 30.08.2022

    University Hospital in Bonn making use of digital OP planning by hectec

    (Landshut, Germany) The clinic and policlinic for trauma surgery and orthopedics of the University Hospital in Bonn has been successfully using the planning program “mediCAD Classic” since 2012. For prosthetics revision especially, digitally planning is able to optimize the treatment quality and is an essential aspect for certification. The program was developed by hectec GmbH for orthopedic surgeons and hospitals.

    Prosthetics revision is one of the main treatments offered at this hospital. Each year, around 600 knee and hip replacement surgeries are performed and the percentage of complex exchange arthroplasty is approximately 50%. Since 2012, the hectec orthopedics planning solution mediCAD® has been in use for planning and documentation purposes. This is a CAD software that allows implants and corresponding components to be placed over the radiological images. It is based on an implants database, which contains items from 90 manufacturers. With it, for example, a suitable pan/shaft combination can be planned on the monitor efficiently for hip replacement surgery. This is also possible for exchange intervention. Especially for knew prosthetics, the pre-operative planning based on the complete leg axes is extremely precise.

    The team can access about 80 percent of all worlwide available implants via “mediCAD®”. Therefore, it is also possible to identify “exotic” implants and appropriately replace problematic components or add additional parts.

    Most of the patients in Bonn are not standard cases, but they exhibit of set of symptoms that require special techniques and experience. For example, these may include dysplasia, congenital growth disorders, infected prosthetics or the replacement of entire bones.

    The hospital is among one of the first 23 pilot hospitals involved in certification of maximum care arthroplasty centers in Germany and is a participant in the EndoCert Project as a quality assurance initiative.
    Based on experience acquired up until now, digital planning simultaneously increases the OP planning quality, thereby improving the planning as a basis for certification.

    Dr. Hendrik Kohlhof medical assistant at the University Hospital in Bonn, explains: „With mediCAD® we now have an instrument that allows us to increase our planning quality and to at the same time further improve our treatment quality as the basis for certification. Working with digital OP planning offers numerous benefits. One of them is the ability to see a detailed list of planning steps on the screen, which can be viewed from a variety of different perspectives.“

    mediCAD hectec GmbH has been developing its “mediCAD Classic” planning solution since 1994. The digital solution takes all planning methods into account and documents all procedures in compliance with legal regulations. “mediCAD Classic” is sold exclusively through authorized partners. As of mid 2013, hectec GmbH has 80 sales partners it works with around the world. At this time, approximately 2,700 hospitals are applying this solution.