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Let´s come together!
In these days, while others keep distance, we are going to come together, find new solutions and focus on communication. We developed a new messenger, that you can use to easily send DICOM images and planning reports to your orthopedic colleagues.
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mediCAD® Hip 3D
opens up entirely new possibilities in terms of carrying out the anatomical assessment, planning and measurements.

More than 250 hospitals are now able to get to use the 3D modules Hip 3D and Spine 3D.
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*Customers of our partner Agfa, please contact your local Agfa representative.

mediCAD at the LMU Munich with Prof. Dr. med. Boris Holzapfel

General Overview of our Products


WOM classic6

The current mediCAD Version 6.5  

The new version contains numerous expansions developed in close cooperation with leading surgeons. Darkmode is now availiable to 

mediCAD Classic 2D 6.5

3D Spine

mediCAD 2D/3D Spine

The intuitive and innovative hybrid plan, including sagital balance is one of the most powerful core functions of the spine 3D.

mediCAD® 3D Spine.
• Video presentation...

3D Knee

mediCAD 2D/3D Long Leg

Plan corrective osteotomies with single or multiple cuts and simulate the effects of different alignement philosophys.
• mediCAD® 2D Long Leg - Osteotomy
• mediCAD® 3D Long Leg


mediCAD Shoulder (Upper Extremities) 2D/3D 

Preoperative planning with  a ROM-Analysis for upper extremities like shoulder, elbow, hand and fingers.

mediCAD® 2D Upper Extremities
mediCAD® 3D Shoulder


mediCAD 2D/3D Hip

Opens up new possibilities for revision-safe surgical preparation. Always now what to expect in the OR

mediCAD® 2D Hip
mediCAD® 3D Hip

mediCAD 2D/3D Knee

Perform accurate preoperative planning in 3D as well as in 2D and choose the best approach for you and for the patient.

mediCAD® 2D Knee
mediCAD® 3D Knee
mediCAD® 3D Knee Sport



Ever thought about the benefits of preparing your Operations from Home ?

Latest from our blog

Highlights mediCAD Web 2.5

 The new intuitive dashboard of mediCAD Web takes the user experience to a new level. The improved ergonomics of the user interface make it easy to access all the information you need at any...

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Highlights mediCAD Classic 7.0

Look forward to many new features in the upcoming version mediCAD 7.0: Tibial slope, partial knee planning with improved landmark detection, MDR certification and much more. Feel free to contact us...

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Mixed Reality: The new technology that keeps up with surgeons in the operating room

 The planning of surgical procedures is playing an increasingly important role in orthopedic surgery, especially in complex pathologies. New technologies are also providing more and more ways to help...

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AR mediCAD is now officially certified in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia MDMA50850


deutsch mediCAD Hectec GmbH announces a re-certification of its quality management system and MDSAP for its medical devices according to DIN ISO 13485


deutsch mediCAD has been officially approved for the UK and received the certificate (UK MHRA Certificate) from MHRA


deutsch mediCAD got the certification to sell its products in Vietnam now 

deutsch & Flagge mediCAD is fit to be used on Apple MAC/ MAC-Books now 

AR Is A Semi-Automatic Computed Tomography Scan Analysis Reliable For Glenoid Bone Loss Evaluation In Shoulder Instability?
Study by 401 Military Hospital of Athens, Greece & Bioclinic of Athens, Greece

AR mediCADpartner in Saudi Arabia „Bio Standards“ got the official AR License by SFDA (Saudi Food and Drug Authority)

deutsch watch the mediCAD Webinar with Dr. Jörg Harrer - Extract from the DGU web seminar series

jp japanese Study with mediCAD:

"Postoperative change in patellofemoral alignment following closing-wedge osteotomy performed for valgus osteoarthritic knee"

schweiz mediCAD and AO Foundation cooperate on the development and promotion of a deformity analysis and osteotomy planning tool



Pre-operative templating in THA using a short stem system: precision and accuracy of 2D versus 3D planning method
Reinbacher, P., Smolle, M.A., Friesenbichler

The clinical value of 3D printing

A report with Dr. med. Christian Schoepp, Chief Physician of the Clinic for Arthroscopic Surgery, Sports Traumatology (ASS), BG Klinikum Duisburg about mediCAD 3D Print

Improve TKA & Osteotomy Planning for Full Leg WBCT

CurveBeam connected mediCAD to spread more knowledge about the benefits for Weight Bearing CT's combined with a propper plan.

Preoperative planning for spine surgery: mediCAD 3D Spine - also supports MRI's now 

Ignoring digital templating leads to Prosthetic overhang in total knee replacement

 Study and findings by the Latvian Academy of Sciences in Riga on the neccesaty of preoprative plans in TKAs

...find more in our press archive

Reports and Statements

Dr. med. Philipp Rehbein

Dr. med. Philipp Rehbein, MD, chief physician at the Center for Orthopedics, Spine and Trauma Surgery of St. Joseph Hospital, Wiesbaden, Germany, talks about the reasons for using mediCAD® and its lead over 2D planning. Open the interview...


Prof. Dr. med. Christian Hendrich

The orthopedic hospital "Schloss Werneck" is planning endoprosthetic interventions with mediCAD® 2D. An interview with Prof. Dr. med. Christian Hendrich.
Open the interview...



"The preoperative planning software mediCAD® 3D Shoulder permits a better planning of implantations of shoulder joint prostheses." An interview with Dr. med. Falk Reuther - DRK Kliniken Berlin Köpenick


Dr. Klaus Schlüter-Brust

Dr. Klaus Schlüter-Brust about the use of mediCAD® in the field of hip, knee and shoulder arthoplasty. Why is it so important to plan your surgery preoperatively and why does Dr. Schlüter-Brust is a big fan of mediCAD®. Listen to his statement...

Dr. Vogt

Dr. Wolfgang Vogt, shoulder arthroplasty specialist at the Orthopedic Surgery Center Weilheim - Garmisch - Starnberg - Penzberg about the advantages of mediCAD® as planning software in shoulder arthroplasty. Open movie...

KKH R D Isar

A report by Dr. Franz Liska and Dr. Kay Eichelberg, Klinikum rechts der Isar, TU München about three-dimensional planning using the mediCAD® 3D Hip and mediCAD® 3D Knee modules. Read more...

Dr. Massin

Digital planning in hip endosurgery - An interview with Professor Philippe Massin, Paris. Prof. Dr. Philippe Massin, who specializes in hip replacements in particular, is one of their experts and one of the most popular surgeons in France in this field. Open the report

Pr. Samoy

Digital preoperative planning - The future in orthopedic surgery in India as well? - A report with Dr. Purav Kansara, expert in limb lengthening and deformity correction. 
Open the report


How digital preoperative planning software is used in orthopedics, trauma surgery and sports traumatology at the St. Elisabeth-Krankenhaus Dorsten hospital.

An interview with Priv.-Doz. Dr. med. Mike H. Baums.


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